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Hi-Lux Uni-Dial 4X-16X50 Programmable Ballistic Turret Rifle Scope

Pre-calibrated vertical (elevation) adjustment knobs or dials have been in use for about 100 years. The problem is that at the longer ranges, it is not practical to provide dials to cover a large variety of calibers. It is further compounded by other factors such as different bullets, barrel lengths, atmospheric conditions, etc. Although our Leatherwood ART scopes brought a new dimension to the world of long range shooting, there are many precision long range shooters who prefer to use a conventional style scope.

In the past there were two options for long range shooting: shoot a specific load or tape a chart of computes to the rifle stock. The Uni-Dial™ designed to solve the problem. By using a series of ten moveable indicators or flags, the shooter can set the range zero points him or her self. The dial is calibrated in minutes so that the flags can be set according to the ballistic data. Once set, the flags are locked in place and the dial is operated in a conventional manner. The vertical dial has a 1/2 minute click adjustment and the windage knob has 1/4 minute clicks. Both elevation and windage adjustment turrets can be reindexed after zeroing.

Uni-Dial Series Rifle Scope Manual [download]

Uni-Dial Ballistic Turret

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Scope rings are not included

This scope does not come with scope rings so dont be like me and think that your getting a scope that runs close to 200 bucks and think thier included because thier not they need to be purchased separately this is my first time buying a scope where they werent included

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