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Hi-Lux Top Angle 4X-16X Rifle Scope

Hi-Lux Optics ATR Top-Angle Professional 30mm Series scopes are loaded with the outstanding features that distinguish a fine scope from simply good sporting rifle optics. All models in this series feature a big and bright DiamondTuff fully multi-coated 50mm lenses. The ATR Top-Angle Professional 30mm Series is made up of higher magnification 3-12x to 7-30x models, and each features our own invented Top-Angle parallax adjustment and positive Fast Focus large diameter ocular lens. No short-cuts are taken to produce these scopes. All glass lenses are meticulously polished to photographic quality for exceptional clarity and light gathering capability, even during those critical low light hunting conditions at daybreak and dusk.

The rigid aluminum scope tube is finished with Hi-Lux PermaCoat soft luster blue-black finish that’s practically impervious to wear, insuring this scope will maintain its good looks through years of hard service. Internally, Hi-Lux Optics ATR Top-Angle Professional 30mm Series scopes incorporate all the latest scope manufacturing technology, and the turret adjustments are positive and precise.

Top Angle Series Rifle Scope Manual [download]


Magnification: 4-16X

Objective Lens Diameter: 50mm

Eye Relief: 3.25"

Field of View: 24.1 - 6.3 ft @ 100 yards

Adjustment Travel Range: 60 MOA

Tube Size: 30mm

Length: 14"

Weight: 26.5 oz

Top Angle Parallax

Parallax Adjustment on the Top Angle series is offset 45 degrees from the vertical plane for easy access, regardless if you are left hand or right hand dominant.

No Math Mil Dot Reticle

• Standard Mil-Dot Reticle with framing bracket for known sized targets of 1/2m x 1/2m (approximately 19" x 19").

• This reticle is true at 10X.

No Math Mil Dot Reticle

MLR Reticle

• The MLR reticle is a milradian ranging reticle.

• The tickmarks on the horizontal and vertical axes indicate whole mil subtensions.

• The markings in the upper right quadrant are used to frame an average man sized target (1.7m) from 200m to 1500m.

• There is a 0.1 mil space to indicate the 1/2 mil subtensions.

• This reticle is true at 10X

Mid to Long Range MLR Reticle