Hi-Lux Long Eye Relief 2X-7X Rifle Scope

While made popular through the 1980s by gun writer Jeff Cooper, Scout Rifles have been around for decades – in a variety of short and fast handling bolt-action, semi-auto and even lever-action models that can deliver a high rate of fire, and which can be quickly reloaded – yet still offer a dependable degree of accuracy. Scout rifle shooters looking to fully tap that capability are turning to low magnification scopes mounted forward of the receiver.

This scope has been specifically designed for being mounted in just this fashion. Depending on the magnification setting, the workable eye relief of this scope is approximately 8 to 14 inches, which puts it mounted in front of the receiver. With the LER Scout magnification turned down to the lowest 2x setting, a hunter following wounded game can hold the rifle in the ready position, and when the target suddenly appears at close range, just snapping the rifle up to the shoulder will generally put the reticle on the target. 

No short cuts have been taken in the production of Hi-Lux scopes. All glass lenses are meticulously polished to photographic quality for exceptional clarity and light gathering capability, which is especially critical during the low light hunting conditions of daybreak and dusk. Shooters can choose between a standard fine duplex reticle or a heavy 3-post with crosshairs and Scout Rifle .308 BDC reticle. The 1/4″ click windage and elevation adjustment is crisp and positive. The Hi-Lux Optics LER Scout comes with the DiamondTuff Lifetime Guarantee.

Long Eye Relief Manual [download]


Magnification: 2-7X

Objective Lens Diameter: 32mm

Eye Relief: 9"-13"

Field of View: 18.8' - 6.3'  ft @ 100 yards

Tube Size: 1"

Length: 10.9"

Weight: 10 oz

Long Eye Relief

The Hi-Lux Long Eye Relief is the answer to those special situations that require rifle optics with an extended eye relief. Designed to give full view of the target when placed 8 to 14 inches ahead of the shooter’s eye, the LER scope is ideal for installing on a scout rifle, lever-action rifles with top ejection and muzzleloaders with a side hammerlock that interferes with mounting a scope in the normal position.

Hi-Lux Long Eye Relief Scout Rifle Scope

Duplex Reticle

• The Long Eye Relief 2-7X32 comes with a duplex reticle.

• The heavy posts naturally draw the shooter's eyes to the center crosshair.

• The fine crosshair are fine enough to be visible in the woods, yet thin enough not to obscure the target when aiming.

Duplex Reticle

3 Post BDC Reticle

• The Long Eye Relief scope also comes in a BDC reticle version, based around the ballistics of the 168 grain, 308 Winchester.

• If you zero the center cross hairs at 200 yards, each subsequent BDC line represents the approximate holdover every 100 yards out.

• The Top of the Thick Post represents the 600 yard holdover.

• The BDC is accurate at 7X.

Customer Reviews

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Scout scope

Recently bought a ruger gunsite scout 223 with this scope already mounted and love it so I search out hi Lux store and bought the same rated for my scout 308 but they’d be better illuminated

Excellent scope for the money

Great! Really fast delivery!

Hi-Lux 2-7x long eye relief (scout) scope.

I ordered this optic direct from the company to put on my M1A Scout rifle. I chose this optic for the nostalgia and the variable power. When I put the optic on my rifle, the picture was very fuzzy. The lines for the BDC blurred out even worse when I turned it up to 7x and I had to place my eye closer to optic the more I zoomed in from 2x to 7x. This is not a quality optic and I will not be using it. Wasted my money.

Hi Steven,

Sorry to hear about your troubles with the focus.

If the reticle is blurry, you will need to adjust the eyepiece diopter. There is +/- 2 diopters of adjustment in the eyepiece.

You can rotate the eyepiece until the image appears in focus and use the lock ring to tighten it down. Depending on your eyesight, you may need to rotate the position of the lock ring further down (towards the objective lens) to get your desired diopter adjustment.

This scope has fixed 100 yards parallax. If you're focusing on a target closer than that, let's say 15 yards away, you may experience some parallax. Parallax manifests as a blurry/double reticle image or the appearance of the reticle floating around the target as you move your head.

The eye relief on most variable power rifle scopes will slightly as you change the magnification. At 7X, the eye relief will be around 10”.

Please feel free to contact us at info@hi-luxoptics.com if you have any questions.

Love it


Scout rifle complete

This was a perfect optic for what I was building for my oldest friend Gunny loves the scope and rifle. Thanks for a quality product and prompt service I will order from you again Sincerely UTK...