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Round Barrel “Off-Set” Mount Set

The two-piece round barrel off-set mount is designed for Malcolm 6X Long scope on round-barrel percussion sharps rifle, Volunteer/Whitworth, or other similar Muzzleloading rifles.

The mount moves the scope 1/4" to the left to clear the hammer.

You will need to use the standard 3/8" dovetail block to lock in the offset heavy duty base.

This mounting kit is only designed to be used with the Wm. Malcolm 6X Long Telescopic Sight. The set includes both the front mount adapter and the rear off-set heavy-duty base.

There are two sizes for the front barrel ring. The standard size is for a barrel with an outer diameter of around 0.825". The larger size is for a barrel with an outer diameter of around 0.875".

For most round barrel black powder cartridge rifles, the standard size will work.

If you are looking to mount the Malcolm 6X Long on a musket, you will likely need to use the larger 0.875" size. Please contact us at (310)257-8142 if you are unsure which size to go with.

Round Barrel Offset Mounting Instructions [download]