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Leatherwood Hi-Lux Podcast Episode 2 : AP 2020 Outdoors

Leatherwood Hi-Lux Optics Presents AP 2020 Outdoors

Archer's Paradox is the phenomenon of an arrow traveling in the direction in which it was pointed. On traditional longbows and recurve bows, the arrow would have been placed on either the right or left side of the bow's grip. How does the arrow manage to curve around this obstacle and hit a target directly in line of the grip? 

In the second episode of our podcast, we are proud to host Nito Mortera (AP2020 Outdoors).

Growing up in Ohio, Nito Mortera is a lifelong hunter, compound bow shooter, crossbow shooter and general firearms afficionado. If it launches a projectile, Nito has probably shot it!

Recently, he has reviewed our Leatherwood ART X-BOW 1-4X24 crossbow scope. In his upcoming videos, he will be mounting our Malcolm 8X rifle scope to his Krag–Jørgensen rifle in 30-40 Krag.  

Watch the podcast and hear Nito explain the Archer's Paradox.

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