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Checking Mounting Screws on Lyman-style 8X USMC Scope


The Malcolm 8X USMC scope comes with Lyman style micrometer rear mount and front ring. In this video, we’ll be going over what you need to periodically check to ensure that the mounts work properly.

The Malcolm 8X USMC is externally adjusted. When the recoil spring is not used, the scope will physically move forward towards the muzzle under recoil

This movement is due to the inertia of the rifle’s recoil. Over time, this constant movement may cause some of the mount screws to come loose.

We recommend that you check these following screws prior to any vintage sniper competition or hunt. 

  • The first screw to check is the top screw of the front ring.
    • This screw holds the plunger that sits on top of the pope rib on the 8X Mount. 
    • This screw guides the scope so that it moves along the pope rib under recoil
    • This ensures that you return to zero when you reset the scope to battery
  • Elevation & Windage Turret screws
    • There is a detent within the elevation and windage adjustment turret on the Lyman style mounts that gives it click adjustments.
    • If you notice that the cap on the turrets are getting loose, you will need to tighten these screws. 
    • To access the set screw on the turret, you will need to back out the adjustment turrets completely. 
    • The phillip’s screw is located underneath the turret.

You may use blue loctite on both the top screw of the front ring and the set screws of the adjustment turrets. However, you will still need to check the screws periodically.

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