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50 Shots Through The Same Hole At 100 Yards!

As the host of the NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING website, I use only Hi-Lux Optics scopes on all of my test rifles and hunting rifles.  The scopes produced by this company ARE NOT second to any other scope line.  Few people in this country shoot as much as I do.  During the course of an average year, I will get in at least 60 range sessions - each averaging 3 to 4 hours.  That's an average of spending 4 1/2 to 6 typical 40-hour work weeks punching holes in paper.  Then...there's the 5 or 6 weeks of hunting I get in each year...packing a Hi-Lux Optics scoped rifle from daybreak 'til dark.

One of my TB-ML test scopes has now been mounted on no less than a dozen .50 caliber rifles, and has had more than 13,000 rounds fired under it.  Plus, I have several more with 3,000+ rounds fired under them.  These scopes have been the most reliable scopes I have used during 50 years of shooting and hunting.

Blackhorn Powder and Bullets

This year, we used two .50 caliber No. 209 primer ignition in-line muzzleloading rifles for conducting the test - one of the exquisite Model 22 ML rifles produced by Cooper Firearms of Montana - and one of the .50 caliber Strike models now offered by Thompson/Center Arms.  The Cooper rifle sported one of the Hi-Lux 3-9x40mm TB-ML model scopes, the T/C Strike was topped with one of the affordable 1.5-6x42mm Buck Country models.  Both rigs had been sighted in to print "dead on" at 100 yards...and I do mean "dead on".  We can actually cut the bullet hole of a shot from one rifle with a shot from the other!One of the annual tests we conduct at NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING is our "Consecutive 50-Shot Test" ... where during a single morning shooting session we will load and fire 50 consecutive shots ... putting them into the same group at 100 yards.  We conduct this test to check the year to year consistency of the powder...sabot...and bullet we use for our testing.  The first of these tests was conducted in the spring of 2008, when Blackhorn 209 powder was first introduced.  From year to year, we often use a different rifle...and during several of those annual test shoots we've even used two rifles...which gives each a little more cool down time before being loaded and shot again.  We've just completed our 9th year of this test, and during all that shooting our worst hundred yard 50-shot group was still just 1.6-inches across center-to-center.

Shot Grouping Muzzleloading

On an ideal morning shoot the first week of June, with "0" m.p.h. wind and a temperture of 46 degrees at the start of the shooting, we managed to punch the best 50-shot group we've produced - measuring just .910" from center-to-center.  (Shown Above Right)  This is why we rely on Hi-Lux Optics scopes for our test shooting.  Likewise, it's also why we use them on our muzzleloader hunts.  When hunting with a single-shot, slow to reload, muzzleloading only have one shot, and with a Hi-Lux scope on my rifle...I know I can make it count! - Toby Bridges, NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING 

For More On The 2016 NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING "Consecutive 50-Shot Test" - Click Here 

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