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Hi-Lux Close to Medium Range 1-8X26 FFP (CMR8F)

Specifically designed for close to medium range tactical applications, including 3-Gun competition, the Hi-Lux Close to Medium Range 1-8X is a first focal plane scope featuring the illuminated CW-4 reticle.

At 1X, the outer horseshoe of the CW-4 reticle naturally directs the operator’s attention to the center of the reticle featuring a 1 MOA dot and large outer horseshoe for quick target acquisition. At higher power, the outer horseshoe moves out of the sight picture, revealing a smaller, inner horseshoe with dots and crosses spaced 1 mRad apart that can be used for estimating winds holds and distance or tracing shots.

There are dots that indicate every whole Mil, which the shooter can use for elevation or windage holdovers. The first focal plane (FFP) design ensures the reticle subtensions are accurate at every power.

The CW-4 reticle is available in red or green illumination and includes 3 night vision light levels.

All glass lenses in the CMR8 is fully multi-coated with DiamondTuff14 for maximum light transmission. Nitrogen and rubber gasket seals guarantee fogproof performance in all temperatures and climates. Zero-LOK turrets prevent the operator from losing his scope’s zero.

When a shooting situation gets up close and personal, you need a scope that was designed and built specifically for that kind of shooting - during a tactical engagement or while hunting dangerous big game. To compromise with anything else could prove to be life threatening. The CMR8 scope is the scope you need.

CMR8F Manual [download]

Close to Medium Range 1-8X26 FFP

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cmr 1-8x26

Let me start by saying that the only reason this is not a five star review would be that I had some issues with this scope new in the box, that I felt should not have passed QC. From that point on, everything was handled in a very professional manner, from my first contact with Chris, up to receiving my scope back. Thank you for everything. Now to the scope. This is one nice piece of glass. Yes I own better and have owned much worse, but at this price point I haven't seen any competition for this scope. After a 500 round range test, mounted on my 308, I'm very pleased with the results. I may have started out a skeptic, but at this point I could not be more satisfied with my purchase. I'm impressed to see a company this committed to there products and the customers that use them. Thanks Again. CL Coleman.

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