Hi-Lux Phenom 5X-30X 56 FFP Rifle Scope

Specifically designed for precision long range shooting, the Phenom 5-30X , the High-Lux Phenom 5-30X is a first focal plane scope featuring the illuminated CW-3 reticle.

The CW-3 reticle enables the operator to quickly place follow up shots by tracking the first shot using the various reticle subtensions. As the Phenom 5-30X is a First Focal Plane scope, the CW-3 reticle can be used for holdovers at all magnifications.

By utilizing the Christmas tree portion of the reticle, all windage holdovers can be made on by holding over. Save your internal adjustment for dialing elevation!

From designing the optical system to eliminating optical shift when changing magnification, the Hi-Lux manufacturing process requires meticulous attention to detail and precision. All glass lenses in the rifle scope are fully multi-coated with DiamondTuff14 for optimal light transmission. Combining the solid 34mm aircraft grade aluminum tube with the Phenom’s large 56mm objective lens maximizes its light gathering capabilities.

Nitrogen purging and rubber gasket seals guarantee fogproof performance in all temperatures and climates.

When competing in shooting competitions, you need to maximize every advantage you have. Designed and tested by former military operators and professional shooters, the Phenom 5-30X is a rugged, yet precise instrument, dedicated to tearing up in the competitive circuit.

Phenom 5-30X56 FFP Rifle Scope Manual [download]
Phenom 5-30X56 Infosheet [download]
CW-3 Reticle Subtensions [download]

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Reticle Color


Magnification: 5-30X

Objective Lens Diameter: 56mm

Eye Relief: 3.5"

Field of View: 23.6 - 3.8 ft @ 100 yards

Tube Size: 34mm

Length: 14.7"

Weight: 32 oz

Long Range Precision

The Phenom series is Hi-Lux Optics first foray into precision long range rifle scopes. Specifically designed for the committed precision shooting, tactical and law enforcement communities, the Phenom 5-30X utilizes the CW-3 reticle.

Phenom 5-30X56 FFP Rifle Scope

CW3-FFP Reticle

• The CW-3 is a First Focal milradian reticle that enables the shooter to quickly range targets, and make holdovers.

• Both the elevation and windage axes are numbered for quick holdover reference.

• For windage, every 0.2 Mil graduation is indicated by the tick marks on the horizontal cross hair to 5 Mils on each side.

• In the Christmas tree portion of the reticle, 0.2 Mil graduations are indicated by the crosses and small dots.

• Each cross in the grid measures 0.4 Mil by 0.4 Mil.

• The center point of each cross also indicate whole Mils.

• The larger 0.1 Mil dot in the grid also indicates 0.5 Mil graduations.

• On the vertical axis, there are 0.1 Mil spaces that indicate 0.5 Mil graduations.

• The graduated tick-marks between 2-3 Mils above the center of the reticle on the vertical axis subtend 0.1 Mils and can be used for vertically milling targets.

Hi-Lux CW3-FFP Reticle

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michael Skinner

Awesome scope and great customer service!!

Close & medium range

Can the Phenom 530X56 be used for close (short) and medium range also.
Need some recommendation

Hi-Lux Phenom 5x30x 56 FFP

Right out of the box you can tell the quality of the scope. The glass is clear and the reticle is everything I was looking for in a long-range scope. I have the mounts on order so I have yet to place it on the 300 RUM I bought it for.

Craig Richardson
Excellent Quality at an Excellent Price

I have been using the Phenom on my 6.5 Grendel for over two years now and I have been extremely happy with the overall quality and performance of the scope. The clarity of the glass is comparable to what you would expect to see in optics two to three times the price. The turrets have clear audible clicks that allow the scope to tracks extremely well as I have taken it from 100 to 1,000 yards with ease. The illuminated reticle is extremely crisp and clear and usable throughout the entire magnification range. I would recommend this scope to anyone looking to get into long range shooting.

Rick A Bernardi

I have mounted this scope on my Remington 700 Magpul edition in .260 caliber for you Creedmoor Fan's that's 6.5mm O8 I can hit steel consistently beyond 1,000 yards .And I can make adjustments on the fly .The Glass is outstanding very clear with this scope .If you hunt or do long range shooting this scope is for you. I shot a feral Pig standing on the power line right of way and killed it with one shot at 700 yards with a cold bore 142 grain Federal GM260M Gold Medal Sierra Match King BTHP .Pig at 700 yards DRT Dead Right There.