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Hi-Lux PentaLux TAC-VF 4X-20X FFP Rifle Scope G2

The PentaLux TAC-VF 4-20X FFP G2 is the second generation iteration of the PentaLux FFP 4-20X scope. As the reticle is based in the first focal plane, the CW1- FFP MIL illuminated reticle remains true at all magnifications and can be used for holdover at any power.

Constructed from a solid one piece 30 mm 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum tube, the PentaLux TAC-V FFP 4-20X comes equipped with tactile elevation and windage adjustment turrets. The total adjustment range is 20 Mils for windage and elevation in 0.1 Mils-per-click increments with 120 clicks-per-revolution. Each turret can be re-indexed after zeroing.

The PentaLux TAC-VF 4-20X FFP includes parallax adjustment from 10 meters to infinity, making this optic ideal for 22 rimfire competition to precision rifle matches. This scope includes an integrated throw lever and magnetic flip-up lens caps.

Whether you are driving thumb tacks at 100 yards or competing in precision sniper matches, the PentaLux TAC-VF 4X-20X FFP scope will get the job done!

And remember, Hi-Lux builds rifle scopes the right way - from optical system design all the way through manufacturing processes with painstakingly meticulous attention to detail.

 PentaLux 4-20X FFP Rifle Scope Manual [download]

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Magnification: 4-20X

Objective Lens Diameter: 50mm

Eye Relief: 3.6"

Field of View: 28.3 - 5.7 ft @ 100 yards

Tube Size: 30mm

Length: 14.9"

Weight: 27 oz

PentaLux TAC-VF

At Hi-Lux Optics, we are constantly challenging ourselves to push the envelope of innovation forward.

The PentaLux TAC-VF 4-20X FFP is purpose built to satisfy the requirements of the tactical and competitive shooter.

PentaLux TAC-VF 4-20X50 FFP Rifle Scope

CW-1 FFP Reticle

• Based in Mils, the CW-1 FFP reticle has 0.2 mil subtensions on the horizontal axis out to 8 Mils.

• From 8 Mils to 15 Mils on the horizontal axis, the markings subtend 0.1 Mils.

• There are a total of the 30 mils subtended between the thicker horizontal posts.

• On the vertical axis, there are openings subtending 0.1 Mils that indicate every half Mil.

• The center dot is 1 MOA.

CW1-FFP TAC-VF Reticle