Hi-Lux M40 3X-9X Dual Focal Plane Riflescope

In 1965, the U.S. Marine Corps began its search for a new rifle and scope combo to serve as their official combat sniper rifle. The goal was to have USMC armorers customize and accurize a readily available production rifle. The Corps settled on the Remington Model 40x, chambered for the .308 Winchester (a.k.a. 7.62 NATO) cartridge, and topped it with a commercially available 3-9x40mm hunting scope with an Accu-Ranging scale. The rifle was designated the M40.

Hi-Lux Optics is now recreating this 1960′s era scope for all of those “old school” sharpshooters among us, those who take the time to know the trajectory of the loads they shoot. However, we’ve made major internal improvements. The optics are far superior to that of the original, with precision ground lenses that are fully multi-coated for maximum light transmission. We’ve also added positive 1/4″ click adjustments to the windage and elevation turrets.

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M40 Rifle Scope Manual [download]
Scope Body Color


Magnification: 3-9X

Objective Lens Diameter: 40mm

Eye Relief: 3.25"

Field of View: 37.7 - 12.6  ft @ 100 yards

Tube Size: 1"

Length: 10.5"

Weight: 16.2 oz

M40 3-9X40

During the early years of the Vietnam War, the Marine Corps decided that they needed a standardized
sniper platform based on the newly adopted .308 Winchester (NATO T65).

After extensive testing, the Marine Corp ordered seven hundred Remington Model 700 rifles in 1966.

The Marine Corps designated this rifle the M40 XB and topped it with a green anodized Redfield 3-9X40
with AccuRange reticle for range estimation.

M40 scope with anodized green finish

M40 USMC Reticle

• The M40 USMC reticle features the same Accu-Range system as the original M40 rifle scope. 

• The parallel lines on the top of the reticle can be used to frame an 18" target. 

• The approximate range is shown by the smallest number visible on the Accu-Range scale in the lower right quadrant.

M40 USMC Reticle

M40 Tactical Hunter Reticle

• The M40 Tactical Hunter reticle features the same Accu-Range system as the original M40 rifle scope.

• The parallel lines on the top of the reticle can be used to frame an 18" target.

• You can also use the vertical hashmarks on the horizontal axis to frame a horizontal target of 36".

• The approximate range is shown by the smallest number visible on the Accu-Range scale in the lower right quadrant.

• The M40 Tactical Hunter reticle also has 4 BDC marks for .223 and .308. The hashmarks are for 200, 300, 400 and 500 yards respectively. The 600 yard hold is the top of the thick black post below the last BDC tick-mark.

• The center crosshair should be zeroed at 100 yards.

• The BDC holdover are accurate at 9X.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Barker
Very nice

Scope is very nice but I sure wish it wasn’t made in China. I would gladly pay more if it was made in the USA or ANYWHERE else. Would also be nice if the Hi-Lux logo wasn’t so large and prominent.

Hans Christian
pircey but nice :)

I got this scope to match my rem700 HTG "M40a1" (pre Unertl) budget lookalike. My first impressions are: The scope seems to be a much more true reproduction of the old Redfields than what the original manufacturer has managed to deliver to the market! Dimensions and style are pretty close to the originals, with only the elevation and windage adjustment turrets giving it away as they are somewhat taller than on the original. The shape of the eye piece ets is a really good match to the originals. Also, this scope has the proper reticle, although the lines in are perhaps a tad thicker. Anyway, this scope features the range finding "tomb stone" which is just awesome!
The green colour is perhaps a tad on the bright side, but it is difficult to know what the originals were like, as there are only old and faded photos available, or old and weathered scopes to compare against.
Optically it seems to compare with my other mid-range scopes. Click are very nice and tactile. Eye relief is good, which in turm makes the mounting of it look like on the orgininal M40.
Still haven't taken it to the range, so I can't say how it performs in regards to holding zero etc.
The adjustment turrets beeing slightly too tall, and the bright white Hi-Lux logo on the side og the scope sort of "pulls down" the total impression a little bit, together with the perhaps slightly too green/too bright anodizing.
Anyways; this scope is a really nice touch if you'd like to make a "close enough" replica of a classic M40. :-)

Phillip R Gibbons
Great scope for vintage M40 build

I mounted my new scope my M40 and took it to the range to zero. Factory zero was almost perfect. 12 clicks down and 3 left and I am placing 3 shots in the X consistently. Accu rangefinder works as did the originals. Optics are very clear. Only complaint would be the shipping. I paid for 2 day shipping and it to 7 days to arrive.

Marjorie Weeks

Hi-Lux M40 3X-9X Riflescope

Ralph Hall
Scope covers

I have not put it on a rifle yet. Right out of the box I was dissatisfied because the front scope cove when I put it on it fell right off so I Made sure it was put on correctly and it fell of again. This the second review I’ve been rote on it but apparently they care once it’s yours. Ralph International Falls,Mn