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The Totally Revamped M-1200 XLR Auto Ranging & Trajectory Scope Is NOW Available!

The original, Jim Leatherwood-designed, military A.R.T. scope of the 1960’s was a 3-9x40mm scope…and was later manufactured by Hi-Lux Optics as the M-600 sporting model for those shooters and hunters wanting to use the same auto-ranging and bullet trajectory compensating technology that was so effective in the hands of military sharpshooters. 

A few years later, the 6-24x50mm M-1200 was introduced to the market to meet the higher magnification needs of extreme long range shooters. Both of these A.R.T. models featured the Leatherwood “CAMputer” system, which could be calibrated to automatically range a distant target, and at the same time allow for the drop of the bullet. Using an A.R.T. scope simply required the shooter to use the ranging system built into the reticle to frame a target of known size…steady the hold on that target…and take the shot – or… “Frame…Aim…Shoot!”

A couple of years back, the M-600 was replaced by the 2.5-10x44mm updated and upgraded M-1000 model.  Now, the M-1200 has also been totally revamped – including a 30mm scope tube and switching to the new multi-cal “CAMputer” system, which is easier to use and more user friendly than the original Leatherwood system.  The new system is also more compatible with a much wider range of popular cartridges as well – from the .223 Remington to the .50 BMG.

Other upgrades for the M-1200 include a new illuminated ranging reticle, that’s available in either red or green, a much sturdier base mount that offers additional windage adjustment, and side-focus parallax adjustment.  Each click of either the windge or elevation turret moves bullet impact 1/4 MOA. 

Like all Hi-Lux Optics products, the M-1200 comes with multi-coated Diamond Tuff lenses for optimum light transmission, and features a Fast Focus eyepiece. The all new M-1200 XLR A.R.T. is now in stock and ready for shipment.  The scope retails for $620, and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  For additional information on the M1200, go to: https://hi-luxoptics.com/products/hi-lux-leatherwood-art-m1200-6x-24x-riflescope


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