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August 01, 2017

For those long-range shooters who just don’t trust the mechanics or electronics of auto-ranging and trajectory compensating telescopic rifle sights, Hi-Lux Optics offers a great conventional style scope alternative – the Leatherwood Uni-Dial. Here is an exceptional quality scope that can be programmed with up to ten different range settings. And each can be locked in place and easily returned to for repeatable performance. The Uni-Dial elevation turret features ten moveable indicators, or flags, allowing the shooter to set specific zero points at specific different ranges. This can be done using available ballistic and trajectory data…or the old fashion way, and getting out and shooting. Or something of a compromise…relying on data and then refining by putting in a little range time. Once each point of impact at a specific range is determined, it can be locked in place and precisely marked with one of the flags – which are numbered 1 thru 10. Using the Uni-Dial is then just a matter of knowing the range, or using a rangefinder, and turning the elevation turret to the proper flag. If you like the idea of a programmable long-range scope, but prefer something “less automated”, the Uni-Dial is your scope…with enough elevation adjustment for shooting from 100 to 1,000 or more yards with most popular center-fire rifle calibers. Each click of the elevation turret makes a 1/2” adjustment at 100 yards, each click of the windage turret moves point of impact 1/4” on the target.

Like all Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Optics riflescopes, the Uni-Dial comes with multi-coated lenses that have been polished to photographic quality, for unsurpassed brightness and clarity. This model is offered in a great range of variable power magnifications, including 2.5-10x44mm, 4-16x50mm, and 7-30x50mm scopes. All are built with the all-new “All Terrain Riflescope” construction that can handle anything that Mother Nature or hard recoiling rifles can dish out. Features include “Tri-Center” internal spring tension and Fast-Focus ocular lens. Each comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty. Suggested retail prices are $120 for the 2.5-10x44mm model, $399 for the 4-16x50, and $599 for the 5-30x56mm model. Each comes with sunshade extension.

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