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Hunting Knives Throughout History

By: Sally Writes

Hunting tools and weapons are constantly changing and developing, but knives are just as useful today as they were thousands of years ago. In fact, 90% of all hunters keep a knife on them when they hunt, even if they are actually planning on using a rifle.

If you were to ask someone “What is the most important invention in history?” it is unlikely that their response will be “...knives”, but in reality knives are very, important. Humans are defined by their ability to make and use tools, and the knife was the original tool that humans used to climb to the top of the food chain.

 Ancient Knives

Knives are inherently linked to humanity, and they even precede Homo sapiens as the first edged tool is recorded to be over 2.6 million years old! This is pretty impressive, although it is unlikely that these knives were using for hunting or fighting; researchers believe that the tools were used to break down food. The tools were very basic, and most of them were made by cracking a rock apart and using the sharp edge as a knife. This led to the knife becoming one of the most widely used tools, and now there are a range of high tech knives that have multiple purposes.

The Swiss Army Knife

Today one of the most popular knives is the Swiss Army Knife, which is a pocket knife multi-tool. All of these knives are made by Victorinox or Wenger, and the knife’s initial name was SAK, but “Swiss Army Knife” became the standard name after Americans struggled to pronounce the German name for the knife.

The knife was created to help open canned food and to be used as self-defence, and soon they were being used in America as well as Germany. Now the knives can be bought all across the world, and the modern knives come with lots of different tools to help you complete a wide range of tasks. There are also different kinds of the knives, so if you want to buy one you should take the time to find the best Swiss Army knife for your needs. It is also important to note that the knife should only be used for survival or hunting purposes, not as a weapon as this is illegal.

Knives have existed for millions of years, but modern knives are very different to the original ones. Today, there is a wide range of knives to suit different needs.

  • Swiss Army Knives

    The armed forces of more than 20 different nations have approved the use of various versions of Swiss army knives made by Victorinox.

    On May 18, 2018

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