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August 01, 2017

I'm writing you to give your company an evaluation on your product!.. Let me just say that between me and my wife (Ruth) we have had a whirl wind the last three years!!  You see, three years ago I won an elk contest and the first prize was a custom made 30/06 rifle,  topped with your LEATHERWOOD/HI-LUX UNI-DIALSERIES. 

To be honest, I'd really never heard of your company!   So, I was a little skeptic at first and was looking to upgrade with another scope that I knew about, and already own! But you see, I was so excited to shoot the new gun!  It had already had the barrel broken-in on the gun range and was sighted to (what they told me at the awards ceremony)  at 1000 yards!

I was told, "It's a shooter!"  So, I said what the heck and headed off to the gun range!   My first three shots at 100 yards was what they told me it was... sub-minute of angle!!   Wow... and the scope was very clear! I asked myself..."Could this be real?"  So, I took my range finder and found the 500 yard mark on the range and set up my 30'' metal plate target! Three more shots at 500 yards...with a 5 inch group!

That next year, I drew an antelope tag and was lucky enough to find a Boone & Crockett buck...but he was 501 yard away.  I had the confidence in the gun and your scope, so I dropped the big boy! Next was my wife's hunt where she took a Coues-Whitetail buck at 584 yards...with 7 of family and friends watching...she dropped the buck!   Everybody couldn't believe it!   That's the day the rifle got its neck name "Freak Nasty"! That year I also took a 3x3 desert mule deer buck at 375 yards.

Then came the most important hunt of my life...for DESERT BIGHORN SHEEP!   First 300 ram of a lifetime was down! The story is coming out in Trophy Hunter Magazine 2013 summer issue, where I credit your scope as some of the equipment I used!  I just want to thank you for a product that I can count on every time I pull the trigger!  I'm sending some of my photo's with your scope in the picture, hope you enjoy as much as I did. Thank you!

Stephen D. Smith

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