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October 15, 2019 1 Comment


The standard Malcolm 6X Long Rifle Telescope Front Ring has a 3/8” dovetail. 

Note: If you are shooting a C-Sharps or Shiloh Sharps, you will need to use the SHIDTSET. These rifles have a front dovetail dimension of 0.453”

To install the front ring on to the scope tube, slide the front ring on to the objective end sunshade, with the flat spring facing the back of the scope.

The front ring will slide into the front dovetail by the muzzle. 

Once you have centered the front ring, tighten the screws on the front ring to secure it in place.

The standard height is designed for a 200 yard zero. If you want to zero at 100 yards or meters, you will need to use the M634LHF – Malcolm 6X Long Rifle Telescope Higher Front Ring. 

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Dennis Burk
Dennis Burk

November 22, 2019

.is there a base available that screws onto a round barrel for use with the taller front ring so that it can placed farther back on the long scope. That way i do not need to use the frpnt dovetail

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