Malcolm Vintage Style Riflescopes

Fine Vintage Style Riflescopes for Fine Vintage Style Rifles

Malcolm is the oldest name in scope manufacturing, established in 1855. Leatherwood / Hi-Lux Optics has stepped back in the time to once again produce this historic line of telescopic rifle sights, bringing to today’s shooter authentic styling with the added benefits of modern scope production, including far brighter fully multi-coated lenses and sealed tube construction.

The finest quality reproduction vintage style riflescopes available today! Three basic models cover scoping needs, from late percussion muzzleloaders through the black powder cartridge rifle era and for the early “smokeless cartridge” rifle models. Both the long 1860s-1870s style “Wm. Malcolm” scope and the shorter late 1880s-1890s style models come with appropriate and authentically styled mounts of those periods.

True to the originals, the long-tube model features a graduated “rabbit-eared” rear mount, the short-tube model a “caged” rear mount. Both are adjustable for the windage and elevation.

The three available Malcolm Vintage Style scope models are as:
(1) An early style 32” long-tube 6x model
(2) A short 3x 17” model
(3) A short 6x 18” model

The longer model is right at home on either 1840-1860 style long-range muzzle-loaded bullet rifles or wide range of late 1800s black powder rifles. Both the 17″ and 18″ Malcolm scopes are ideal for many of the single-shot and lever-action cartridge rifles produced during the late 1880s and 1890s.

An ever growing selection of the mount bases now include the side mounts for various sharps rifle models, the off-set mount set for the long Malcolm scope on a round barrel Percussion rifle, Remington rolling block rifles, Winchester Model 1885 rifle, H&R “ Buffalo Classic”, Winchester ’73, ’76, ’92 & ‘94 models, Henry “Golden Boy” .22, Marlin ’94 / ’95 models, and others.