LER Series Scope

The Leatherwood™/ Hi-Lux® Optics LER is a 1” tube conventional scope. This scope is the answer to those special scooping situations that require rifle optics with an extended eye relief. Designed to give full view of the target when placed 8 to 14 inches ahead of the shooter’s eye, LER scope is ideal for installing on a scout rifle, lever-action rifles with top ejection and muzzleloaders with a side hammerlock that interferes with mounting a scope in the normal position.

While made popular through the 1980s by gun writer Jeff Cooper, Scout Rifles have been around for decades – in a variety of short and fast handling bolt-action, semi-auto and even lever-action models that can deliver a high rate of fire, and which can be quickly reloaded – yet still offer a dependable degree of accuracy. Scout rifle shooters looking to fully tap that capability are turning to low magnification scopes mounted forward of the receiver.

This scope has been specifically designed for being mounted in just this fashion. Depending on the magnification setting, the workable eye relief of this scope is approximately 8 to 14 inches, which puts it mounted in front of the receiver. With the LER Scout magnification turned down to the lowest 2x setting, a hunter following wounded game can hold the rifle in the ready position, and when the target suddenly appears at close range, just snapping the rifle up to the shoulder will generally put the reticle on the target. A rifle in a popular caliber such as .308 Winchester can still deliver the accuracy and performance needed for shots out to and past 200 yards – and the LER Scout offers the higher magnification often needed to precisely place those longer range shots.

This scope is built with a high tensile strength one-piece aluminum tube and the lenses have been fully multi-coated to insure a clear, bright and sharp sight picture. No short cuts have been taken in the production of Leatherwood™/Hi-Lux® scopes. All glass lenses are meticulously polished to photographic quality for exceptional clarity and light gathering capability, which is especially critical during the low light hunting conditions of daybreak and dusk. Shooters can choose between a standard fine duplex reticle or a heavy 3-post with crosshairs and Scout Rifle .308 BDC reticle. The 1/4″ click windage and elevation adjustment is crisp and positive. The Hi-Lux Optics LER Scout comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

(1) The LER scout scope with fine duplex Reticle: Item No.: LER27X32

Hi-Lux Fine Duplex Reticle

Hi-Lux Fine Duplex Reticle

The fine center crosshairs provide a precise aiming point. You can use the thinner portion of the reticle to estimate the range. You just frame a known size of a target at a known range, so you can find out distance of the thinner portion of the reticle posts (both vertical and horizontal) will subtend. The thinner potion is 11.16 MOA. Different magnifications or difference models may have different results. You just have to memorize it for your own reference.

(2) The LER scout scope with a heavy 3-post and crosshairs with Scout Rifle .308 BDC reticle Item No. : LER27X32BDC

Scout Rifle .308 BDC Reticle

Scout Rifle .308 BDC Reticle

We have developed a LER27X32BDC scout rifle scope for the .308 caliber. The new reticle 3-post with crosshairs and BDC line reticle is designed for the .308 Scout Rifle. The rifleman should zero the rifle for 200 yards on the central crosshair. All the BCD lines should be used under magnification 7. The first BDC line down is 3 MOA from the center, which will provide a 300 yard aiming point. The second BDC line down from the center is 6 MOA. This will provide a 400 yard aiming point. The third BDC line down from the center is 10 MOA. This will provide a 500 yard aiming point. The top of the vertical heavy post is 15 MOA from the center. This will provide the 600 yard aiming point. While the aiming points for each range may not be exact, they will be very close with either a 150 grain or 168 grain bullet at the velocities measured using a Ruger Scout. The rifleman should test and verify what each BDC line represents to you exactly with your load and your rifle.

Range BDC Line BDC Line Hold Over Values
(Yard)   MOA
200 Center Cross 0
300 1st BDC Line 3
400 2nd BDC Line 6
500 3rd BDC Line 10
600 Top of the Post 15