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Exerpt from the online catalog:

Here at last is an affordable riflescope that is buill to take on anything that Mother Nature can dish out.  Leatherwood Hi-Lux OPTICS ATR riflescopes are waterproof… fog proof…  shockproof… recoil proof… and pretty much fool proof. Here is a line of scopes that can take more punishment than the shooter and hunter. If you can stand it, an ATR scope can stand it – and more.

These scopes are designed to keep the elements out and the sight settings on!  Every model in this line is a variable power scope, offering far more versatility than any fixed power riflescope.  With an ATR scope, the point of bullet impact does not shift with a change of the power setting.

There is a model that is ideal for every big game hunting terrain and hunting situation,  as  well as special long-range shooting.  Features include a revolutionary larger erector housing for higher magnification models, from 3-12x to 7-30x models, that allows greater transmission of light through the scope tube, making the 1″ diameter ATR scopes as bright as others’ 30mm models. The added…..

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