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In Vietnam with Jim Leatherwood – Contributed by Steve Burkart, May 2012

“We worked in a quonset hut where I watched your dad perform some amazing feats. One evening he sat at his desk with a legal pad writing mathematical equations faster than I could write a letter, and when I asked him what he was doing, he said he was trying to determine why a bullet dropped in its trajectory after being fired.” Read More

M1000 Articles

M1000 in the Shotgun News – Article by David Fortier, June 2011

“Hi-Lux Optics caught my attention a while back with their impressive little 1-4x24mm CMR (Close Medium Range) scope. This compact tactical scope is an excellent value for the money and greatly impressed me (for more, see the 11/10/10 issue). So I began taking a closer look at this little-known optics manufacturer.” [Starts on Page 6] Read More

Cows Attack!

It started out as a beautiful morning in Northern Colorado. Ammo, rifle, a hot cup of java and my good buddy Conrad going to meet me at the range. As the famous quote goes…”I just love the smell of [gunpowder] in the morning. It… Read More

M1000 – Who Needs Holdover, Anyway?

I have had more than one conversation with experienced shooters who have consistently confessed that teaching “hold-over” to younger and inexperienced shooters can be a bit of a challenge. I’ve also heard some pretty… Read More

CMR Articles:

CMR in the Shotgun News – Article by James Tarr, November 2011

“While well respected during the Vietnam era, the Leatherwood brand was bought by Hi-Lux ( and the last few decades has (justifiably) had a mediocre reputation… With the CMR, this is changing.” [Starts on Page 5] Read More

A CMR, A WATER BUCKET & A MESS – by Wade Haponski, Certified NRA Instructor – February 19, 2012

“Stress Testing” takes on a new meaning when Wade’s 2 year old son takes matters into his own hands… I initially chose the Hi-Lux CMR to test after handling one of their Leatherwood ART II scopes I had the privilege of inspecting at work. The attention to detail and the clear optics of the ART II are what caught my eye… Read More

LER Articles:

2-7×32 LER in the Shotgun News – Article by David Fortier, March 2011

“Out of the box the Hi-Lux looked good and was as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as the Burris but not quite as nice as the Leupold. Size wise the Hi-Lux and Leupold are almost identical. Like the Leupold and Burris, the Hi-Lux is built on a 1-inch tube..” [Starts on Page 3] [Starts on Page 3] Read More

Hi-Lux Leatherwood’s new Red Dot Sight – SHOT Show Optic Preview

Hi-Lux Leatherwood displayed their new MaxTac Dot red-dot sight at SHOT Show 2014. This new red-dot packs a lot of features for just $199 MSRP. Some of those include a robust machined aluminum housing, dual-mode digital illumination control, build-in picatinny mount and a screw-on anti-reflective filter comes with it. Read More


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